The Server – Up and Running

The Server - Up and Runnung

In our world filled with technology, our generation has acquired a new vocabulary.   From your desktop or laptop to the newest smartphone, we are all challenged to learn not only what’s new but how to use it and maintain our latest piece of technology.

The current REALITY lesson series compares and contrasts the computer server and how we, as Christians, are called to be “Servers – Up and Running”.  (Romans 12)

What is REALITY?  It is a praise and worship service just for singles.  College students… working professionals… people from every walk of life join together, to strengthen the community.  We dedicate this time to worshiping our Savior and learning from the Word.

REALITY is held on Wednesdays.  Everyone should arrive around 7:00 PM and we will begin at 7:15 PM.

The Server – Up and Running
Series Dates April 14- May 26
(April 28th- No Reality)

Philip Brown, Associate Pastor (Singles)
4401 Breckenridge Ln.
Louisville, KY 40218
(502) 493-3939
Click here for Google Map

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