Bible Fellowship Groups

It is the vision of our church to build a community for college students and singles where you can be discipled and be equipped to serve the Lord wherever He might have you in your daily life. Whether you have a passion for international missions or to reach your next door neighbors, our college & singles ministry will help you grow in the calling that God has placed on your heart.   Once you get connected with a Bible Fellowship Group, you will begin to see opportunities for personal discipleship, service, and fellowship with other believers. Below you will find more information about our Bible Fellowship Groups (BFGs).


Small Groups

Small Groups possess two primary purposes. First, Small Groups are geared to disciple and help college students and singles mature in their faith. Second, Small Groups hope to cultivate closer friendships among believers. Small Groups gather during the fall and spring semesters and occur on different nights throughout the week.



Our fellowships (Scheduled or not)  happen every week in our homes, apartments, the church, and around town. Much of our group events can be found by checking out Facebook pages for each BFG.


College BFG

Worship at 9:00

BFG at 10:30

Singles BFG

BFG at 9:00

Worship at 10:30

Our Leaders

Philip Brown- Singles and College Pastor (Chanda, Leah & Conner)

Nick Braun – College BFG Director

Aaron Jerome – College BFG Director

Peter and Danielle Holmes –  College Ministry Mentors

Scott Moyes – Singles 1 BFG Director

Scottie Hutch – Singles 1 BFG Teacher

John and Kim Fong – Singles 1 BFG Host and Hostess

Neal Goodson – Singles 2 BFG Director

Aaron Frasier – Singles 2 BFG Teacher

Ken and Jan Kimsey – Singles 2 BFG Host and Hostess

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