Weekly Events

Bible Studies and Worship Services

  • Bible Fellowship Groups –  Singles 1 and Singles 2 BFG meet in the first hour on Sunday Mornings  9:00 AM in RM 231.  Our College BFG meets in the second hour (10:30 am) in RM 231..
  • Sunday Service – Sunday Services are at 9:00/10:30 AM
  • Mid-Week Small Groups –  Each of our BFGs have guys and girls small groups that start over each spring and fall.   Be sure to contact your BFG Director to find out when and where these groups meet.



  • Eating Out on Sundays After Church –  You can’t really come to church as a Baptist and not go out to eat afterwards.  Right?   That is the case with our singles and college students.   If you are visiting with us make sure to ask of our pastors or leaders where the singles or college students are going to eat.    It will be somewhere!
  • Browns Bunches- Our Singles/College Pastor and his wife host 8-10 inidividuals at thier home a few times a month to offer a fun time to get to know our singles and college students.
  • Host Home Fellowships – Each of our BFGs have host families.   Check the BFG pages to see what is coming up in your BFG
  • Singles and College Last Minute Hang Outs –